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A new website

Welcome to my new website.

Much of the content of the old site will be transferred, but an overhaul of the content is also long overdue, so I'll be changing quite a lot of the site over the next few days (and possibly) weeks.




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last updated: Jun 18 2015 3:47 PM
  • Delivery Reports / Read Receipts
    After an installation of Google Apps, some people are concerned about the lack of the delivery report / read receipt feature. In one installation I did across 2 companies with ~60 users I was told that this could be a “deal-breaker” but after discussing it with the management, they agreed to give it a go [...]
  • SugarSync: Pros and Cons
    Before I installed Dropbox I briefly checked out what alternatives were available. One of the most interesting is SugarSync, another backup/synchronization service. First the pros: SugarSync (IMHO) does have some advantages over Dropbox (for my uses): the ability to sync any folder (not just one designated folder) the “SugarSync” File Manager “Share folders with permissions [...]
  • Dropbox Security
    You may, as I did, wonder just how secure your data on Dropbox is. Can the guys and gals at Dropbox read what’s inside your super-secret file? What happens if you, or someone you’re sharing a folder with, accidentally deletes something important? Where are your files actually kept? These excerpts from the Dropbox website should [...]


Credit CardsIf you have products, software or information to sell, you probably need an eCommerce website.

Most eCommerce sites have 3 elements:

  1. pages describing the products and price
  2. a Shopping Cart (or Basket) where visitors can add products and Checkout
  3. a method of taking payment from the customer: either Credit/Debit card, an 'offline' payment option (e.g. Cheque or Bank Transfer), or offering a Credit Account

There are of course a variety of other features and options that can be added, from Stock Control through customer Order Tracking to Sales Reports.

Your orders can be downloaded and integrated into an existing 'back office' system, or a comprehensive online eCommerce system can control many order processing tasks for you (i.e. stock, orders, tracking, invoices, etc.).

I have experience building and running eCommerce commerce sites, from basic sites using 3rd party Shopping Cart and Payment Processors (e.g. Nochex or PayPal), to fully integrated solutions with a large product catalogue, SSL certificates and Credit/Debit Card processing facilities.

Whatever your requirements we can work out a solution that is easy to use and suits your business and budget.

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